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SBstep (cleaned and tweaked) SBstep (cleaned and tweaked)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Alrighty, well first off i would say there needs to be an element in the mix taking up some high frequencies (particularly during the verses), as the majority of the mix is all lows and mids right now (minus the drop, i think the drop is fine regarding balance). i think there needs to be a bit more of a buildup to the drop, i think giving the bass used in the drop before the drop creates less suspense for the drop as we already know what is coming, if i were you i would throw in small sections of the bass line (probably like the last bar of each phrase) and put a lpf on it that gradually opens more (good example was in the song i made that you left a review on, how i did that leading up to the second drop). you could also scrap it too before the first drop, because not having any idea whats coming in the first drop can also make the drop a pleasant surprise. i think the drop was pretty good, only critique is the snare could come up a little and the drums (minus the kick) could use some reverb. i also think you could throw some effects in there, like some risers and faders to accentuate the movement of the song. i really liked the classical aspect of the song too, very cool idea. really liked it for the most part, just some certain things i would change regarding song structure and some mixing edits :) great bass during the drop too, great patch! :D

1999 1999

Rated 4 / 5 stars

definitely has a 90's trance sound, loved the classic unce unce bassy kick drum. Can definitely hear that all of the sounds were made in nexus, has that "nexusesque" sound haha. Is it just me or was it clipping at certain points? It sounded like some things got distorted here and there at times, and it didnt sound like it was on purpose. i could just be imagining things, who knows lol. good song nonetheless.

Rainbow Road 64 - Remix Rainbow Road 64 - Remix

Rated 4 / 5 stars

had to go back and listen to the original because I couldnt recall what it sounded like for the same reason as Pixel-DJ haha. Sounds good, only thing i would change is perhaps you could modulate the synths that come in at 0:50, theyre a little static and with a little modulation they could be a little more interesting. drums sit a little far away, perhaps a little side chain compression on the synths could bring the drums out a little better. good job nonetheless, i quite liked it :)

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kinggrinyov5 responds:

thanks for the feedback

Billy jeans Clarity (Bootleg) Billy jeans Clarity (Bootleg)

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

personally,i dont think billy jean nor clarity really meshed well with tremor. I think you could make it work if you dialed them back in the mix a bit and added some reverb (theyre both pretty dry acapellas), but im not really sure how well they actually would go with tremor, it just seems that they dont really mesh with the song. just my opinion, you may or may not agree with me, and thats ok because in the end its your bootleg and if you like it, thats what matters :)

Fearless - Race (WiP3) Fearless - Race (WiP3)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

liking how this is coming along. definitely fixed the mids from the last wip you posted, and i really like what youve added. the breakdown was pretty epic, really liked the space to it. love all of the different elements going on in this, cant wait to hear the finished product.

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D-Chain responds:

Im glad you like the improvement(s)!

Fear of walking alone Fear of walking alone

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I think what this piece is lacking is dynamics, which is restricting the piece from conveying the full emotion that is there in the piece. The piano is static, and lacks dynamic feel as each note is the same velocity. it takes away from the emotion that you are going for. the strings also need expression, strings should swell and have feeling to them, they shouldnt play a static velocity. the oboe is decent, but you should balance the strings and piano with the oboe better. if youre having a solo instrument playing, you should bring down the other sections of the orchestra so that instrument can stand out better. I think with some care, this piece can reach its full potential, its just lacking some dynamics to give it more emotion and feel :)

BreakingProdigy responds:

Thanks for that specific review, I can totally work with that! I'll see if I can improve on it.
Thank you again

Evergreen Evergreen

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

nice tight bass you got going on here! really liked the sound choice. perhaps a little static, but i think it being static works for this song because it keeps it relaxed, makes it good background music. loved the solo string line, very pretty. really liked it, good job :)

Svenzo responds:

Thanx,glad you like it

They are passing by They are passing by

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I love the piano, very beautiful, and the little pad in the background gives it some nice space and texture. However, i was not a fan of the voices, i feel they took away from the piece a little for me, they kind of got too much in front of the piano, and i found them distracting. perhaps if they were just a little further away in the mix they would work. great work nonetheless, loved the piano :) definitely following you.

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Veronina responds:

Thank for your advice and listening!

Hope Hope

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

i think this has potential, but like you said it needs some work. Every once in a while you just get one of those pieces which are a pain to mix. I think the drums need to cut through a little better, but you said that they drowned out the other instruments. I think in this case its all a matter of trying to balance things out. you could probably try and put a fast compressor on the drums, and eq them to give them some punch around 110-220hz, and really try and work with the eq to find everythings place in the mix. i think musically it has some potential, but it just needs some loving in the eq department to get everything working together. you could also probably try and put some brass in there too, i think perhaps some sustaining brass could hold it all together at points around 1:20, where i personally think there just needs to be one more sound in there. hope some of my suggestions were helpful, good luck on finishing the piece :)

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KatMaestro responds:

Ya, the percussion need a lot of EQ. I didn't even bother to add bass to it. I really don't want to EQ the strings because it has the lust warm sound that artificial sound from EQ won't really help. The choir could use some.

It's a clusterfuck and I don't know what to fix. Well, I tried brass, but as you could see, there are too many stuff in there and there already have woodwinds. The other problem is dynamic. I almost killed the modular wheel by using too much.

Thanks for the advice and helps a lot :)

Mist Mist

Rated 5 / 5 stars

solid stuff man! drums are nice and punchy, and the basses cut through the mix perfectly. song progresses nicely, doesnt repeat too much. i personally would change up the drum pattern a little here and there though, other than that tough good job! :D

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